We think that your beard deserves only the best. Therefore, the
Charlemagne Beard Products are produced in our laboratory in
Munich, Germany. Our hair grooming products are produced in our
lab in the UK, that has many decades of experience in mens hair
grooming products, and then checked again and packed in our
warehouse in Aachen in Germany.
Every single bottle is hand-packed by us and passes through a final
quality control to ensure you the perfect quality.
In order to produce a fair product, we try to use all ingredients in
biolological quality.
Charlemagne Beard Oil has complied with the competition in the
independent comparison test of all the beard oils, has cut it with
top marks and won the test on first place.
This can be attributed to the following facts:
  • Charlemagne products are developed by barbers with many years of experience in barbering
  • It is our aim to use only the highest quality ingredients
  • Charlemagne Beard Oils has been perfected in more than two yearsof development work in order to bring the best product possible onto the market